This one is for the dudes. Have you ever had your testosterone levels checked? Since the 1980’s men’s average testosterone levels have dropped by 1% every year. Average levels in the 40’s were 1400-1500 and now a recent sample of 5000 Americans shows an average of 387.

With lower and lower testosterone levels, men are feeling weaker. They have less energy, more stress, and a lot less focus. These low levels can also wreak havoc on performance and body composition goals.

Find out what is going on under YOUR hood. Ask your doctor for a blood panel that includes:

💉Free and Total Testosterone
💉Thyroid panels including T3 & T4
💉Dutch Complete (tests all hormones and metabolites)
💉Vitamin B12, D, Iron, Liver Enzymes

(For a complete guide on thyroid info and testing click here)

Here are some potential symptoms of low T:

😵Gynecomastia (‘Man Boobs’)
😴Poor sleep and low energy
😑Difficulty losing fat or holding weight in the lower abdomen region
😯Difficulty building strength, lack of muscle tone, lack of PR’s in the gym
😰Lack of motivation or ‘second gear’ in gym
😓Changes in mood (depression, sadness, or irritability)
😒Decreased sex drive, difficulty during sexual encounters, or lack of morning wood
😪 Not feeling rested after a good night’s sleep
🤯Difficulty concentrating or recalling information
😩Hair loss and balding

You can try to balance hormones naturally:

✅minimize caffeine
✅minimize alcohol consumption
✅reduce stress
✅optimize gut health
✅get 8-9 hours of sleep every night
✅reduce exposure to plastics
✅use natural products like deodorants, skin care, and household cleaners
✅supplement with B-vitamins, Magnesium, Selenium, Vitamin C, and Zinc

Fixing hormone levels takes a lot of time. If implementing the strategies in this list doesn’t help, then look deeper into supplementation with your doctor. It’s time to feel good again!