Looking for a New Year’s Resolution? Consider dropping the caffeine. 80 percent of Americans consume caffeine daily in some form or another, so this probably applies to all of us! I think maybe the other 20 percent must be children, LOL!Why would I want to drop it? There is a chemical called adenosine which lowers arousal and promotes sleep. Caffeine inhibits this chemical, so rather than adding energy to your body, caffeine actually works by blocking this sleep promoter. So all that insane energy that you get from your coffee is something you’re already capable of if you could get your body to do it naturally.

When you are regularly using caffeine, your body will start creating new adenosine receptors to try to re-regulate itself. This means that it will take more caffeine for you to get that same energy boost. And eventually, you become dependent on caffeine to even feel normal.

Also (just like everything🙄) the effects of caffeine are worse if you’re a woman. It can really mess with your hormones and has been linked to cyst formations in the breasts and ovaries, increase in infertility rates, and can deplete the body of certain micronutrients that are essential for hormone balance.

Caffeine says in your system for a while! If you drink 1 cup of coffee you get 300 mg caffeine. 400 minutes (a little over 6.5 hours) half of that is still in your system. So if you have coffee at noon, 150 mg is still in you when you might be trying to wind down at 6:30 pm. When your cortisol levels don’t drop down (as they should in the evenings) melatonin isn’t released. it changes the flow of your hormones so that your body becomes expectant on that daily intake. You can become addicted in little as 7-21 days. If you’ve been riding the high caffeine train for a while it could take longer for your body to self-regulate its natural rhythms, so be patient! The headaches and extreme drowsiness will make you feel the worst 20-51 hours after your last ingestion of caffeine, but it should clear up significantly in 2-9 days.

Brad and I have actually stopped our regular caffeine for many months now. we enjoy lots of decaf tea and the occasional weekend latte. I remember thinking it was crazy that we competed at HOA for a whole 3-day weekend of competition workoues with zero caffeine. Crossfit competitions are usually the times I need it the most, but I felt energized all weekend! No preworkout, no coffee, no tea, nothing. Just carbs and electrolytes.

Cold turkey is the fastest way to quit, but one way to lessen the detox blow is to switch to espresso shots— so try ordering an americano instead of drip coffee. Espresso shot (per oz.) only has 50-70 mg caffeine, whereas a cup of coffee has up to 300mg. There’s also a protocol you can follow that requires chewing on coffee beans. I’ll let ya’ll look that one up, I only heard about it in passing on a podcast 🙂

Here are some other Caffeine amounts to be aware of:

(per 12 oz)
cold brew: 300-330mg
coffee: 250-300mg
chai tea: 70 mg
Espresso: 50-70 mg
Most tea: 50mg per 8oz cup
Matcha Tea: 25 mg
Green Tea: 25 mg
White tea: 15 mg
Herbal Tea: 0 mg
Energy Drinks:
Bang: 300 mg
Monster: 140-240 mg
Red Bull: 80-114 mg
Most Sodas including diet sodas: 50 mg
5-hour energy shot: 200 mg

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