19.3 Crossfit Open Nutrition Strategy

This is the weirdest open workout I’ve ever heard of. It’s like the worst chipper of all time. I’m way too tall (long-armed) and heavy to do 50 strict HSPU. I guess it’s fair since week 1 and 2 were totally in my favor that this week would be a total poo-poo fest. Oh well, let’s talk about food!

10 minutes is pretty quick no matter what, but doing a whole bunch of reps of each movement can take its toll on certain muscle groups (goodbye quads, then goodbye shoulders if you make it to the HSPU or HSwalking).

Since it’s week 3, we might all be in a but of a recover debt, so consuming 15-30 extra carbs the night before isn’t a bad idea. Keep your food quality high–try to eat things that won’t cause a ton of inflammation. You’ll want to steer towards low-fat carb options that don’t pack a ton of fiber: white rice, potato, sweet potato, fruit.

Don’t forget to do the stuff you normally do: BCAA’s, Protein, Creatine. This post is mostly about where and when to add extra carbs.

If you’re like me and you’re going to slow down a WHOLE LOT once you get to the HSPU, then adding 10-15 grams of extra HBCD carbs to your post workout shake should be enough. If you’re either doing this scaled or going nonstop super hardcore for 10 minutes then you might look at a post workout shake with a lot more carbs in it (25-50g in addition to what you would normally take post-workout).

After the workout, treat yo’self with 20-30 extra grams of carbs to help with recovery. 

Also to help with recovery try and spend some time doing body work, movement work, naps, massages, stretching, foam rolling and maybe some calming breathing and mediation. That stuff is seriously underrated. We all need more of it,  I promise!

This cat has his recovery game on point.

If you want to make to most out of recovery to try and keep inflammation down and avoid unnecessary weight gain then continue to keep the carbs higher and the fats lower over the next 4-5 days as well.

Good luck and have fun!!! And don’t forget to check out The Outlaw Way for strategy on attacking the workout!