19.2 Crossfit Open Nutrition Strategy

The fitness gods are really trying me hard during this open. Between last week (the rower’s dream) and this week (lifter love) I’m having to deal with some temptation that I didn’t think would be there. Crossfit waited for me to be top three females before they reduced the team size to 6. Then the next year they got rid of regionals altogether. I was always chasing regionals so hard and my body is destroyed and that’s why I’m taking a little off season for myself this year.

Enough about me, let’s help those of you who ARE doing the open to be able to get your best scores yet!

Did you do this one back in 2016? This is one of the few open workouts that I only attempted once. My traps and pecs were super wrecked from all the toes-to-bar. Break those suckers up early!!! That’s my advice.


Unlike last week, this workout is one you might consider adding some extra carbs to your meal the night before (25-50 grams). You probably don’t want to do this one fasted if you can help it. Sipping on 25 grams of HBCD with some BCAA’s about 60-30 minutes before the workout begins could do you some good. You’re going to want those carbs during those cleans.

Similar to last week (and probably every week) make sure you’ve had a full meal about 90 minutes before game time. Keep it low in fiber, low in fat, and high in carbs.

A few super convenient no-cook ideas you can have on the go:

  • sundried tomato (or whatever flavor) bumble bee tuna packet with a banana
  • deli turkey wrapped around low fat string cheese with rice cakes
  • fat free greek yogurt parfait with berries, honey, and oats
  • low fat cottage cheese with pineapple

but again, DON’T EAT SOMETHING YOURE NOT USED TO EATING! And be mindful of food sensitivities here, so steer away from dairy and gluten if needed.

So let’s hypothetically say that one of these barbells is going to be a PR for you if you can make it to that bar. This is when you might want to think about keeping an intra-workout shake nearby. Make a big HBCD shake (or just anything with lots of simple carbs in it) and take a big ole sip before you attempt that barbell. If there are no PR’s here for you, then don’t do anything intra-workout!

Everyone should be hitting some carbs post-workout after this one. Even more than usual–if you normally hit 25 grams of carbs after a workout, this time go for 40-50. If you’re a big guy you could be looking at up to 100 grams!

The next day you want to make sure you are paying attention to food quality, get some vitamins and some nutrient density. You should add 25-50 carbs and 5-10 grams of fat for dinner after the WOD and the following day. Also, stay hydrated, sleep, and recover.


Given the gym schedule, a lot of us might be doing this workout Saturday instead of Friday night. Don’t worry about the pre-worout meal if you don’t have time in the morning. Just grab a shake with 35-50 grams of HBCD right before the workout and then hit those carbs again post-workout so optimize your recovery so can hit it hard again next week.

Thanks for reading, you guys are the absolute best. Have a great weekend, and see you next week with a curry recipe and another nutrition strategy game plan for 19.3!



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