I wrote this post for instagram and then I started to think. Why is this excellent info a thing that I would leave off of the site? Why would this site be only a place for recipes and not for inspiration, information, and conversation?

They have really been demonized by diet culture, but are they really that bad?
When you deplete your muscle glycogen (as we do in our intense training modalities like crossfit and HIIT, etc.🏋🏻‍♀️), carbs are the key to optimizing recovery and performance so that you’re able to continue train hard and get fitter, yo.

Once you’ve mastered your protein intake, you gotta tackle those carbs (sorry, fat, we will talk about you later). Whether your goal is health, performance, or aesthetics, you will want to monitor carb intake to sustain success. .

Find a Balance
⬆More carbs = better exercise recovery, improved hormone balance, improved glycolytic exercise performance
⬇Less carbs (+ great sleep -stress) = fat loss

Quality Matters
The types of carbs you eat for recovery are super important.
🍇Fruits are okay in moderation, but the fructose they contain is processed differently in the body than glucose and therefore has a tendency to be stored as fat.
🍬Simple carbs like juice, honey, dextrose and HBCD supplements are ideal to stack around your workouts (especially after) because they have a high glycemic index and are easy and quick to digest. IE: your body will use up all the energy to make you feel awesome and replenish your muscles rather than store it.
🍠Complex carbs like oatmeal, rice, and potatoes should also appear in your meals and don’t forget those veggies!🥦 The types of carbs are nutrient dense, filling, and will give you the energy you need to be awesome and live life. It’s science. Which I’m not super great at.

[edited slightly from what it said on instagram.]